Just a classy virtual professional mama

Do you find yourself wishing you had more adult interactions, like in-person?

Do you like the coffee you make at home better than the local Starbucks?

Do you love the freedom of working from anywhere, but sometimes feel like no one gets it?

The virtual world is one I have lived in for many years now. I get it. I get you. On your best days when you’re loving life and on the days that aren’t so hot and you wonder if you are on the right path.

I am opening up a small window into the life I lead as a virtual professional, mom, wife of a firefighter, transplant to Texas, sister, daughter, friend, and lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and learning. I can look back to the start of my online entrepreneur journey 6+ years ago and remember specifically the things I read from women whom I began to look up to. They shared their experiences, reality, struggles, wins, love, frustration, and feedback on how they got through it and thrived.

I hope in some corner of the world, my words and stories help another entrepreneur feel empowered in herself, her family, and her life like I have been blessed enough to do through the support of strong women.

"Reyes Virtual Solutions has been one of the best things I have done in my business lately! Lindsey has so many hats she can put on to give you so many ideas to help your business. She has honestly been invaluable in helping me switch and rebrand my business along with growing it and all the inside legal things I needed to get done along with marketing and social media. I feel like if I didn't have her, I would need 3 different people to get done what she has been able to get done for me. I have been so impressed with everything that she has already done for me that I will continue to use her services and recommend her anytime I can!"
"one small step at a time will get you through anything."

Meet Linds

Take me or leave me. Love me or hate me… but I secretly hope you love me because I am not one of those in-your-face, aggressive, I-am-who-I-am people. I truly do love most people, am pretty agreeable most of the time, adore my family and God, and enjoy getting to know others. I work professionally from home )or wherever I am at the time) and have for the past 6+ years. I am married to a firefighter I am madly in love with. We have 3 kids I live for every day. 

I hope you find some inspiration or laughter here, because what is life without laughter really? 

I am just adventuring through life like the rest of you, connecting with some amazing people along the way.

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