Stringing Christmas lights on the tree is the bane of my husband’s existence. Through the years, I have learned to be extra sweet and do it while he is on shift so he doesn’t have to take on the task…and to save the rest of us from the language that comes with him stringing the lights. If you have ever seen any of the furnace fixing scenes in “A Christmas Story” you will understand the language reference here. 

For all you perfectionists out there, don’t worry, it CAN look perfect using this method!

I have grown to love putting the small white twinkling lights on the tree every year by myself (even though I prefer colored lights). When it is dark and I stand back and look at the brilliance a bunch of tiny lights make and bring the ambiance of my favorite holiday, I feel a sense of accomplishment. And also happiness knowing that was one thing I could take off my husband’s plate.

Want to know my secret?

Warning: You may need to buy more strings of lights to complete the tree this way.

Step 1: Wrap UP the trunk only.

Step 2: Slowly string the lights in and out, from the end of the branch back in toward the trunk and out again. Go back and forth on each branch. 

Step 3: Follow the step above going down the tree, hitting as many branches as you feel is necessary to create the amount of light you want emanating from your tree.

Step 4: Plug it in and step back. Take a deep breath in and smell the Christmas spirit.

Sometimes the smallest things can be the things that create the biggest frustration for us. Whether it is stringing Christmas lights on a tree, folding the laundry fresh from the dryer, rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, or taking shoes off at the door. 

Let’s all do the things that are easy for us but not our loved ones to lessen the impact that simple task may have on them. Who knows, you may even begin to love doing those small things for someone else.

Because, after all….’tis the season of giving.

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String the lights on your Christmas tree perfectly…the first time.