Who loves essential oils?

I do!

I do so much that I have a HUGE surplus of essential oils in my closet, so I haven’t needed to actually purchase any for a long time. And yes, most of them are DoTerra oils.

In fact, I sold DoTerra oils until pretty recently. I made the move to Pomifera, but I am still and always will be a customer of DoTerra because I love their oils.

So why did I make the switch to being a Pomifera founding partner?

A lot of reasons actually: money, opportunity, time, commitment, commissions, beliefs, and lifestyle.

I could go on and on about this (trust me, nonstop talking runs in my blood), but for now, I will share my top 5 reasons why I am with Pomifera now.

#1 Opportunity

I had a chance to join Pomifera as a Founding Partner!

How often do you get a chance to get in on the ground floor of an incredible company you believe in?

The science behind the product is really what got my nerdy brain interested. One of the founders is a scientist and has a PhD, but he also grew up around Hedge Apples (Osage Oranges, Monkeybrains, whatever you call them) and was passionate about finding the benefits nature created in them. 

The company blends all my favorite things: nature, science, values, beauty, self care, working together, and supporting small business.


#2 Commitment 

After joining Pomifera, unlike many other direct sales companies, there is NO requirement to purchase anything ever again. None.

Should I repeat that?

I didn’t have to build up my points or monthly sales purchasing an excess of inventory just to make my numbers.

I think anyone who has been involved in direct sales knows what I am talking about. A closetful of stuff you love, but you actually can’t use enough on your own to get through it. And it would be cool if you could sell some to make some of your money back.

Pomifera knows this has been an issue in other companies, and they are set up to keep it from happening with their members!

#3 Commissions

I am making a 25% COMMISSION on my sales PLUS bonuses! I haven’t seen another company offer all these things together – no requirement to purchase monthly, 25% sales commissions, unbelievable products at a reasonable price that are actually effective, and bonuses on top of all that!

I like to have more than one income stream, so this was the perfect addition to my services business. 

#4 Price Point

 Want to know how much I paid for my Business Box? $99. Yep that’s it. $99 for things I was actually going to buy anyway, another reason I chose to just go ahead and sign up. You can follow me on Instagram @linds_pomifera to see my video where I show everything that is in the box, or just click the picture below.

As much as I love and use essential oils, they can get a little pricey. I have always used whatever I could find to wash my face with and have been rolling through a variety of high-priced moisturizers and hair products. Then I discovered I didn’t have to do that. Pomifera has great prices, most are under $25! I can’t sell something to someone I don’t believe in and is higher priced that I think it should be. These are a deal! And you can bundle to save more money on an already super priced product. 

Ugh! I wish you had all day to read this! I have so many things to say! LOL

#5 The Goods

This stuff is for real. It isn’t some gimicky, get-rich-quick kind of thing. You guys, a scientist founded it and is constantly testing and researching more about because he believes in it that much. Simple. Honest, Humble. is the saying behind Pomifera, and they aren’t joking.

Here is what Pomifera is: Made in the good ol’ US of A. 100%. Created with simple ingredients that are effective. Affordable, not priced insanely high just to make a buck. Clinically proven. Something I use every day and LOVE!

Here is what Pomifera is NOT: Overpriced packaging to make their product more appealing. Outsourced to a 3rd world country. Packed full of fake junk and chemicals. 

If you would like more information about Pomifera products, joining Pomifera, or just want to talk shop, reach out!